A grey Routine calls for color
Marion Albrecht Art Washington 2007 Poster Washington Washington Post

Marion Albrecht visited the german School, Washington DC in octobre 2007.
She did some painting workshops with the students, discussed Art with the older ones, and participated in the International Art Symposium.

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Dear guests, artists and Champions and helpers for this project,
the first International Symposium at the German School in Washington I thank all those who have come forward to share their work with us here today, especially the children who have laid down this carpet of their expressions. It is their first public art show as it is also for some of the adults. We can thank the painter Marion Albrecht whose amazing energy ignited the fire for this idea and nurtured it since her arrival with her presence and her work with our students.
Art inspires and warms the soul like the sun - the source of all color. That is what the students are looking for in their lives also here at the school. Giving our attention, truly looking at something with eye and heart awakens love on both sides. This earth with all that lies, grows, swims, crawls, walks or flies on it - it all wants to be loved this way. And that is the work of the artists. With courage they go to the empty canvas, the lump of clay, the rugged rock, the instrument - and with uncountable hours of intense work they develop their skill in bringing their impressions of form and color, movement and sound into a meaningful composition, into an inner echo and Interpretation of the gifts of the world. They make peace with war and death, with pain and suffering.
These are thoughts which came to me in meeting Marion Albrecht's work. She expresses with intensity and immediacy her inner processes, discoveries and understandings in her paintings. They are always connected to her experiences in this world, never purely abstract. Each picture tells a story, looks at the world philosophically, feels with humanity compassionately and speaks her truth forcefully. Here we see a seer and a seeker, one whose language is made of color, whose brushstrokes dance to her inner music.
Ulrike Voss Thorn, Deutsche Schule Washington DC on october 13th 2007