Freedom of speech and art is not guaranteed in many countries. Even artists are often victims of censorship and persecution and can not develop freely in their paintings, works of art or writings. In order to alert the public to these human rights violations Amnesty International University Erlangen group organized an exhibition in the City Library of Erlangen from June to July 2012. The exhibition will be opened up on June 11th with a small opening ceremony.
To get a broad picture various artists from Germany have been invited to work on this theme. Fourteen artists delivered many different works, starting with photographs, collages and paintings, to typing a glimpse of what they mean by artistic freedom, freedom in general and the restriction of freedom.
The exhibition is completed by information from countries where it is not possible for artists to develop freely, and by examples of persecuted artists from other countries.
The exhibition aims to give visitors an idea of the posible artistic varations by which the issue of freedom can be represented. Secondly it furthers an awareness that for many artists around the world is not possible to exhibit their art to the public without problems of censorship.
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