Inauguration of House of Artists in Cuauhtémoc

We are very pleased with this project, the "House of Artists," in which the Cuauhtémoc Town Hall of CDMX supported us, and together we have created a space for national and international artists who can use it to live, to create, teach, and spread any activity around their art. In the presence of Mayor Sandra Cuevas and Rita Morales, Director of Kúpula Art México, Zabdy Martínez and Carlos Quiroz, members of this institution; as well as Swald Huerta, director of Culturally Responsible and our invited artists, Marion Albrecht, Francesco Orazzini, Rich Arnauda, Pedro Martínez and Alejandro Cortés, the band was severed. With this achievement, artists can conduct activities with the residents of this Mayor's Office to promote culture and interest in art. Thank you to everyone involved in this great project and soon we will have news about the activities!