Exhibition at KunstRaum Weißenohe 2021

aghast, 80x80cm, oil on canvas, 2021

If we understand the mechanisms of exclusion of people and entire population groups clearly, getting even to the point of killing them, this knowledge can cause bewilderment and help us to take a critical look at the present: Aude sapere! (dare to know!) Because there is no other way. Those who don't accept this bewilderment have to look for quick solutions: populist superheroes, conspiracy narratives, retreat into "one's own", ... are ultimately attempts to muffle the cries of the battered creatures.

Marion Albrecht

"... and there is us who sincerely believe at the sight of these ruins, that the racist madness is buried under it forever, us who act as if we drew new hope, as if we really believed that it all belonged to one time and only one country, us, who look past the things next to us and deny hearing the screams which never stopped. "

Jean Cayrol

53 Pictures, Acrylics on paper, 140 matchboxes, 50x70cm, 2020