The Atelier an der Donau has been organizing symposia and exhibitions with international artists since 2006. So far over 280 artists from 47 countries have participated. Inspired by the great artist of this region -Oskar Kokoschka- the atelier on the Danube offers a platform to contemporary art. A painter and graphic artist of Expressionism and Viennese Modernism he lived and worked in Austria and travelled other cultures and the world. He fought for the understanding of contemporary art in society.
The artistic directors exclusively choose among professional artists in order to maintain the high artistic standard of the symposium at "Atelier an der Donau".
After 10 days, this year's 14th International Artist Symposium (11th - 22th of September 2019) in Ybbs ended. At the final event, the painting of artist Marion Albrecht (Erlangen, Germany) was chosen by a jury as the winning picture. Member of Local Parliament Karl Moser and Mayor Alois Schroll were present to deliver the greetings of the country and the community and congratulate all the artists!
Words of gratitude were directed to President Princess Anita von Hohenberg and her entire team, who put the Ybbs again in the focus of the Lower Austrian cultural scene and presented the city of Ybbs in the best way!