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In summer 2019 my husband Michael and I have created works of art together with the inhabitants in and around Ccattca in the region of Quispicanchi, Peru. They revolve around the the subject of „tradition and modern age, culture and identity, region and globalisation“.
We made an exhibition out ot it, first in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cusco (phase 1) and which is now in Germany, to be shown and to be worked on further (phase 2). The subject is the same to be learned: Which changes stand out, in the "world, that is growing together“. Which phenomena and innovations in the globalizing world are harmful to us and unconsciously suffocate us, which inspire us and lead to new visions and a life full of meaning?.

Art Workshop in Coyuni: „Finding Connections“

Videos in my channel on YouTube

"My name is Isidora Hayllani Vargas, I am from Coyuni.
I have painted the pattern on my skirt, it is called "puito" and comes from the area around Ccattca. It is the autochtone pattern here.
And there is one more, this is a ribbon, it is called "huatay".
And then there is also the environment we live in, with the mountains, the recently planted pines and the sun shining for us.
Thank you very much!"

Workshop: Texts on Handkerchiefs


I am the river,
On the shore the stones
I tear the solid stones with me
I tear them with me on the way,
which the wind has made.

The shade of the rain on the sides
I shake the trees, I am the river

Every time I become more raving
more and more furiously I tear them away,
Every time the curves come together
so that the light returns.

Antenor Percca Inquillay from Coyuni reads "Mayum Kani"