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As long as
the sky shines down on me in its blue
I´ll be waiting
I´ll be fighting

As long as
the trees beckon to me in their green
I´ll be waiting
I´ll be fighting

As long as
the fire heats me in its red
I´ll be waiting
I´ll be fighting

I´ll be waiting
For your return

(Marion Albrecht)




The Ark

When he invited everybody to go aboard
not just those who thought themselves the chosen ones
just everybody

and refrained from sifting the chaff from the wheat,
from distinguishing provenience, religion or sex

he caught our attention

When he encouraged everybody
to fling off burdens, to feel relieved,
and when he himself started doing so,

he drew our curiousity

When he ran to meet his wife and children
to embrace them tenderly

we ceased questioning

when he opened with us the ark´s side
we all looked upon the new land            (Marion Albrecht)





Heaven of Roses

Heaven of Roses

Pervade the blue heaven of roses
float on warm summer winds.
Imbedded in white tenderness
inhale the living Spirit

Dream cushioned between waterlilies,
feel the secret in the swaying wheat.
Pregnant through a silent touch
close your eyes and savor.

Set the sails of the moment.
The masks break into pieces,

they don’t deceive anymore.
Escorted by the choir of related souls
heavenly sounds your gentle chant.

(Marion Albrecht)


Sous le sable, under the sand,

is a film by Francois Ozon of the year 2000.
Marie, working as professor in a Paris university, has been married to Jean for a long time. During their summer vacations in the southwest of France, Jean leaves Marie, while she is sleeping on the beach. When she awakes she can´t find Jean.

Has he left her by commiting suicide in the sea?

Has he left her for another relationship?

Marie is looking for an answer in the following weeks, month, years. At the end she sees the one way of getting an answer: by returning back to the beach. There her feelings come alive.

(Marion Albrecht)

Sous le sable

Painted poetry  

The Wink of good bye

When the summer came to say good bye
and closer came the colder days
she stands at the window
and stares into the night.

She circles the full moon
the empty twigs.
Leaving like ashes
after a once ardent splendor

Her glance touches the bark,
whose white color tingle so wisely.
she senses an emotion
a shiver in her blood.

Then she hears a knock
first gently and then quietly.
Does it come from the night wind
or is it her courage that knocks?

When she lets him in
he makes the birchtrees dance
the sunrays glitter
on the tears of her skin.

Filled with longing she begins
to form wings.
The wink of Good Bye
had become a part of her.

(Marion Albrecht)



With sadness she opens the window.
A breeze of tender life
enters with blesses.
Warm flower buds
filled with longing anxious to grow.
This sight in the morning,
Changes her sense of being.

Tired in the evening, she sits at the window
she waits – he enters
with evening wind.
Invisible hands
so tender, full of yearning
cradling her gently,
she falls asleep with him.

(Marion Albrecht)





You and Me