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"And the wind whispers Mary, ..."

(Jimi Hendrix)



"sapere aude“  -  „de omnibus est dubitandum“     „Dare to know“  -  „Doubt everything“


"Our tears will not flow
into the valley of nameless shadows.
Mother Earth will guide them
into the stream of life,
with dancing butterflies on its banks."

(Marion Albrecht)



Red Chair


Venus vom Hohenfels


Daughter of God

Your mind once free and strong,
your body immersed in flourishing land.
Tender hands that touched my soul,

tortured, disowned in mad ambition.

Daughter of God,
giving life,
a piece of heaven your bosom
warm like the summer.
The gleam in your eyes,
the truth of your lips.

It was envy that fanned the witch hunting madness.

Flee with me bride
from the wicked men´s camp.
In souls pregnant with evil
wisdom won´t dwell.

A temple only owned by males,
the temple of God cannot be.

Your cry, Mother Earth
sounds through our nights.
your daughters hair once swayed
so calmly in the draught.

They worship themselves in God Father and Son
disowning creation,
their life dwindles away.    (Marion Albrecht)

Daughter of God



The Ark

When he invited everybody to go aboard
not just those who thought themselves the chosen ones
just everybody

and refrained from sifting the chaff from the wheat,
from distinguishing provenience, religion or sex

he caught our attention

When he encouraged everybody
to fling off burdens, to feel relieved,
and when he himself started doing so,

he drew our curiousity

When he ran to meet his wife and children
to embrace them tenderly

we ceased questioning

when he opened with us the ark´s side
we all looked upon the new land            (Marion Albrecht)